Wealth Management?

Wealth Management?

Your interests are our highest priority.

Get the Loyalty and Attention You Deserve

Access all the products and solutions that make sense for your needs while receiving personalized service to clarify your objectives and inform your decisions. Our truly independent firm is free from the ulterior motives often found at larger financial firms, such as pushing proprietary products over client goals. Instead, you’ll receive expert, responsive, customized service and active portfolio management that puts you first above all else.

Working to reduce fees

Apex Wealth is dedicated to remaining transparent and keeping your cost in mind. Our fees start at 0.75% annually. We also primarily utilize low-cost ETFs to build our portfolios with lower expense ratios and better tax efficiencies than actively managed mutual funds.

Experience Responsive, Dedicated Service

Our client-to-advisor ratio allows us to remain nimble and highly accessible. Your financial advisor is always just a phone call or email away with personal, reliable financial advice. Unlike the larger discount and wirehouse firms, we focus on serving your needs and remaining familiar with your objectives. Talk to a person not a computer.  You are treated like family, not an account number.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Fiduciary is a person who must act in the best interest of another party (i.e. their clients). In our opinion, it is critical to work with an advisor on a fiduciary basis so you can rest assured that you are receiving truly objective advice. Why would you trust your money with anyone not held to the industry’s highest standard?
Yes, as a Registered Investment Advisory Firm (RIA), we uphold the required client-centric standards of a fiduciary in everything we do. You come first, always.
We at APEX Wealth do not take physical possession of your assets, we custody with both Fidelity Investments and Charles Schwab. Two of the top custodians available to independent firms like us. If you have accounts at either firm, you do not need to move them.
No, we are an R.I.A. (Registered Investment Advisory Firm) registered with the SEC and therefore have no conflicts of interest and do not sell any proprietary products.
Yes, you still have all the same insurance coverage offered by Fidelity and Schwab.
Great question! We currently work with clients all around the country, and we do so very effectively. We have leading financial technology that helps us to collaborate with you, real time, no matter where you are.

With universal access to information and research, the playing field has been leveled between the once-advantaged big name firms and independents. Independent firms may now have a competitive edge due to their flexibility and autonomy.

Independents have complete freedom to choose what investments and strategies best meet their clients’ needs and can focus on in-depth, personalized client service rather than new client quotas. As an independent firm, we focus on the quality of our relationships, not the quantity.

The journey to the APEX of financial success starts with a single step.

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